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Samples are sold in 1ml clear standard sample size w/ black tip applicator.

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Weight .5 oz

6 reviews for Perfume Samples

  1. beverley (verified owner)

    All of the samples I chose were delightful! I ordered a couple in full size as a result!

  2. platayoro (verified owner)

    I decided to buy samples first before getting the larger variety. Wow, is all I can say. My choices were the Agua de Flora, Agua de Palo Santo, Pirowica, Manifestation, and Van Van. I was not disappointed and in the future, I will buy all of these in a larger size because they are so well crafted and just smell great. Also, I did buy Manifestation in oil form after a month of my purchase, wonderful.

  3. Angi (verified owner)

    Love the Pan#1. Its so complex and i just keep coming back for another sniff. Seriously addictive!

  4. L (verified owner)

    I am so grateful to you for providing samples of your beautifully complex scents. I was able to dabble with several and am very impressed with the quality of all. Even old standard aromas such as vanilla and rose that I never really cared for are truly brought to life in your blends and I’m so glad I tried them. The more exotic potions with elements such as wine and vetiver are simply delicious.
    Wicked fast shipping, too. Thank you.

  5. k (verified owner)

    So great to be able to try sample sizes of Rosarium Blends perfumes & oils. The Van Van smells fantastic. Looking forward to getting a larger size. Fast shipping, quality products, great service.

  6. Emmylou (verified owner)

    For my first shop I purchased Van Van, the Rosarium, and Agua de Flora. I’m in love with all of them, each wonderful for an entirely different reason. I will be ordering larger sizes of those and others presently. The packaging was perfect, simple and clear, and the quality is undeniable. I never wear traditional perfume because the clingy synthetic undertones always leave me with a headache, but Rosarium perfumes simply leave me wanting more. I look forward to my future as a customer of Rosarium Blends.

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