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Pirowica Money Draw/Manifestation Limited Altar Set


FULL MOON RELEASE – Very LIMITED! Full Moon Manifestation
☆ Loaded Pirowica MONEY DRAW Vigil Candle
☆ 5ml Pirowica Money Draw oil (roll-on) (Limited)
☆ 5 ml Pirowica Fire oil  (roll-on) (Limited)
☆ Jar of Pirowica incense
Dragon’s blood sigil paper (1 piece Limited)
Rose of Jerico
☆ Piece of charged/fed PyriteThese limited ritual sets were loaded and charged under the auspices and light of this Full Blue Moon! Manifestation and Abundance charms were evoked  w/ special intentions and blessings calling upon this rare & most potent moon full moon as it blesses the wheel of the year during this sacred and abundant time for harvesting the riches of what we have sown.Pirowica is the ardent Daemon of Enterprise. Kinetic generator of tangible manifestations in development of businesses, projects, tasks and ventures. In her Money draw form she is that w/ an extra boost of  Allure and Money Drawing Powers!!

**Similar to our Limited Pirowica Fire offering**

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Weight 40 oz


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