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Poison Ink Set

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Introducing Verdant Inks – ‘The Green Blood’ – The Green Blood poison set includes one vial each of Aconite, Belladonna, Henbane and the regular ‘greenblood’ inks.  These inks are the first part of our poison path series being offered for those that walk the green path and the poison path alike. Value of this set is $75 (when buy each ink separately).

The green blood grimoire inks are imbued with Aconite, Belladonna, and Henbane for the wortcunner and workers of the green art to assist and connect w/ the spirits of these plants. Made purely from plant materials, the green ink is unique in that it is the Verdant life force of the plant world itself and invokes thus from tongue to quill to page.

USE: To be used as an ink for dip/nib or quill pens or as a dye.

NOTE: FOR EXTERNAL USE AS AN INK or DYE ONLY. Do not ingest or apply to the skin. May stain surfaces and skin.  I would NOT suggest using this ink for stick and poke tattoos. It is not meant to be applied to the skin. It is all natural but  that does not mean it’s safe to tattoo in the skin. There are natural tattoo inks that are certified by the FDA. Use is solely meant for using w/ a quill pen or nib.

SIZE: Each vial is 10 ml – Set comes in a black velvet drawstring pouch.


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3 reviews for Poison Ink Set

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    AMAZING!!!! I couldn’t wait to receive the Poison Ink Set. It arrived safely and before the quoted time. The Inks are incredible. I used a quill and it glides across the Grimoire page with no skips on upstrokes, bleeds or globs on downstrokes. These Inks are truly a great product. A must have!!!!

  2. C.Davis Sprague (verified owner)

  3. Alexandra K. (verified owner)

    I’m looking forward to using these inks as a way to develop a connection with the plants and of course work magic. Thank you for making them available !

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