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Psychic Eye

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‘Psychic Eye’ Sandalwood Hydrolat – distilled using the waters of Crescent Lake which was gathered during the Full Solar Eclipse in August 2017. 

Sandalwood is traditionally used for meditation, heightening psychic awareness, peace, and purification. The sandalwood used to create this hydrolat was the remaining ‘hearts’ of the wood procured from a master prayer bead maker who crafts sacred malas for japa/mantra. Each bottle also contains a quartz crystal point and pyrite to enhance the potency of this sacred sandalwood water.

Pyrite, commonly known as ‘fools gold’ is known to be an attractant in money magic but is also lessor known for its psychic and spiritual protection properties and it also facilitates ones clairvoyance and divinatory abilities. Quartz is an amplifier and aids in meditation, induces prophetic dreams, and protects against psychic attack.

Application: Spray on body and in ritual space, for protection & to enhance psychic abilities.

Hydrosols are created from the steam distillation process while distilling essential oils. Each plant is ethically wildcrafted during auspicious planetary hours and days in accordance to each plants correspondences. Herbal waters have a long history of use in renaissance medicine and perfumery. We continue the tradition of spiritual use with herbal distillates and offer our waters to the cunning practitioner.

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2 reviews for Psychic Eye

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ooooh!! Have been using this every single day. My partner loves it too, we must get more while it is available! Thank you!

  2. Stacey (verified owner)


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