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Rosarium Ritual Dagger DEPOSIT


PLEASE NOTE: The cost for the ritual dagger is $777. You are paying a non refundable deposit to reserve one of these amazing limited daggers.
1/2 Payment ($388.50) plus shipping is due now. You will be invoiced for the other half of the payment when they are completed and ready to ship.
Please note: May 15th is our anticipated completion date but they may be ready sooner!

Rosarium Ritual Daggers
These ritual daggers are the combined ensorcelled endeavors of Rosarium Blends (@rosariumblends) and Troll Cunning Forge (@trollcunningforge) working with alchemical sorcery. This is the second time we’ve had Troll Cunning Forge make custom ritual blades for us and we are thrilled with their evolution. The handle is an iron crystal and the grip is aprox 5 inches long, the blade aprox 5-6″ (or so) and will have the Rosarium Blends Heart Flower etched upon it on one side and the Saturn Glyph etched on the other. The magical quench will be using our Rosarium Perfume and Incense and our highly evolved Saturnian Rose Spagyric. Each powerful in their own right! Crystallized into the blade to command, embolden and embody your magical work.

There will be 11 blades total and 10 will be available to the public. ***Each blade may differ slightly from the other.

Alongside this ritual dagger you will also receive samples of our signature ‘The Rosarium’ Incense and Perfume,and a bottle of our Saturnian Rose Spagyric. Each an extension of this great work and integral ingredient in the magical quenching of these daggers~

***The blade serves as both a ritual implement and is a working blade – this is not for show, it is sharp.


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Weight 20 oz


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