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Sage Resin

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We spent the Summer Solstice along the banks and canyon of the Yakima River! Surrounded by bushels and bushels of Artemisia tridenta, also known as the Great Basin Sagebrush. We distilled the oil from this Sagebrush over the course or 3 days of the waxing moon beginning the following Thursday, this plants ruling day and hour of Jupiter. The distillation yielded our sage hydrosol and essential oil that we will work with in our new Ceremony Ritual Oil Blend as well as this amazing  product.

Sage Resin is a unique compounded resin infused with sage (Artemisia tridentata) oil. The formulation and birthing of this well loved and missed product was originally formulated in the summer (2013).

This is a one of a kind formulation you will not find anywhere else.
**Note: We will be making this in small batches therefore each batch is limited in quantity.

Burn this resin as you would any other resin upon charcoal or hot rocks. It’s extremely potent and more effective than one would typically experience burning a smudge stick.

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3 reviews for Sage Resin

  1. Graham (verified owner)

    5 Stars,
    Certainly seem to clear out stale energies in my small bedsit

    Also put me more into a meditative state in the evenings when being used

    Again genuine alchemical product very good


  2. Paul Bland (verified owner)

    Are great and unusual product which gives a powerful cleansing aroma.

  3. FyreWytche (verified owner)

    I haven’t burned any yet. I did open the bottle to take a whiff and it is potent stuff.

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