Sage Resin

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A unique resin infused with sage (Artemisia tridentata) oil that was harvested this summer (2013) in Eastern Washington. The essential oils were hand distilled in the hour of Venus on the day of Venus on May 9th, by the alchemical practitioners of Rosarium Blends in our Apothecary Laboratory. This is a unique item you will not find anywhere else.

Burn this resin as you would any other resin upon charcoal or hot rocks. It’s extremely potent and more effective than one would typically experience burning a smudge stick.

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2 reviews for Sage Resin

  1. Graham (verified owner)

    5 Stars,
    Certainly seem to clear out stale energies in my small bedsit

    Also put me more into a meditative state in the evenings when being used

    Again genuine alchemical product very good


  2. Paul Bland (verified owner)

    Are great and unusual product which gives a powerful cleansing aroma.

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