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Saturnain Rosarium Athame


WOW! These sold out REALLY FAST. I am humbled. We may do another release once we get moved and settled in New England. So if you’d like to see one of these we make sure you join the ‘notify list’ so you’ll be the first to know. This also helps us determine how much demand their may be so we can perhaps do a larger release next time around.
Until then…Bloom True~

Launched on Saturn’s Day, and the Full Moon in Virgo March 19th, 2022~
Introducing  Rosarium Blend’s Limited Saturnian Rose Athames.
These beautiful athames have been anticipated for a long time now, and we are thrilled they have been made manifest. There are only 9 blades made in this series. Included w/ the athame is a sheath and samples of our signature ‘The Rosarium’ Incense and Perfume , and a bottle of our latest Saturnain Rose Spagyric.

These custom athames are the powerful combined efforts of Rosarium Blends (@rosariumblends) and Troll Cunning Forge (@trollcunningforge) working with alchemical sorcery…They are quenched in our saturnian rose spagyric which is extremely powerful and transformational spiritual medicine. The process of alchemical work in making these knives is every bit as powerful a process as making the spagyric itself. The athames are a continuation of the work combined with the martial aspect of steel and the symbolic association of the knife itself. The thorn of the rose shows its massively powerful boundaries. And these two combined with the saturnian influence, … the process of making them both was spiritually challenging for both practitioners, the transmutation and work within and without the self very powerful.

The blade serves as both a ritual implement and is a working blade – this is not for show.

We commissioned @astralchrysalis to make custom sheaths to protect and carry them. The sheaths are adorned by our insignia, the heart flower. Simply put the heart flower symbolizes the act of ‘Blooming True’ to align heart, mind, spirit as one while doing the great work. Transmuting all that does not serve you so you can walk in your truth, emanate magic, instead of doing magic resulting in the merging of fate and will where they become one.


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