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Saturnian Rose Spagyric

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We have a new batch of our Saturnian Rose Spagyric available! This current batch was created over a 3 moonth lunation cycle beginning w/ the waxing Moon on Saturn’s Day Oct 16th. 2021 and came to its completion on the first Full Moon of 2022 on January 17th, 2022.

**It was not our initial intention to make additional batches of this highly evolved spiritual medicine but you asked and we listened! We have changed the label and they will now include the year made (if we decide to make multiple batches.

Saturnian Rose Spaygyric
Rose—she is among the most venerated flowers of the world—stands sentinel in the heart of the garden. Possessing divine wisdom laden deep with ancient symbolism, her mysteries are infinite. She is time and infinity, life and death, resurrection, fertility and abstinence. Inscrutable she beckons the worthy aspirant to supplicate her to unlock her opulent Arcanum. The key, shrouded within the thicket, protects her mysteries, as they are not freely given to the unversed. As within, so without, as above, so below she is the mighty progenitor of the green arte magickal. (Exert from “The Rose in Sensorium” by Catamara Rosarium in Verdant Gnosis Volume 1)

This spagyric is intended for the aspirant who is serious about doing the ‘great work’ and wishes to delve deeply within the Saturnian aspects of rose, as opposed to her surface Venusian Mysteries. While rose is traditionally ruled by Venus, great care in this preparation was made in regards to the stars to emphasize her Saturnian nature and teachings. She will soothe and nourish the heart but may ask you to take a look at why it needs healing and request you take the motion to transmute it in the process. The rose is also an ancient symbol of secrets. In observing the rose, we witness this with her rich petal labyrinth architecture that seems to be concealing a secret deep within her inner core. In esotericism the rose is recurrently used to symbolize secrets of the heart or conditions that shall not be spoken, thus bestowed as an oath of silence. Our Saturnian Rose spagyric is initiatic for the revealing of the occult secrets of Saturn, that which is hidden may still be hidden but also revealed. The essence of Sub Rosa.

It is our intention to offer you an initiatic and healing experience with Rose like no other. Bestowing upon the practitioner the opportunity to dive deeply into the Saturnian consciousness of rose so you may enter into a dialog within her and without her, above her, and below her, to aid in healing, protection, and the transmutation of that which no longer serves you, as you explore her many hidden mysteries~  aligning and refining your heart, mind, and spirit.

Special care was considered in selecting the specific timing for each one of the alchemical process involved including the hour, day, months and and lunar cycles. The rose worked with for this herbal preparation underwent a total separation, purification, and recombination of the 3 alchemical Principles- Sulfur (soul), Mercury (spirit) and Salt (body). When each are separated, purified and  recombined, it transmutes the plant into an evolved state. These processes are time consuming and took place over a 5 month period from harvest to completion. Two of the five selected lunation periods were spent in the alchemical process of circulation. This process is a continuous distillation which occurs after all parts have been recombined with noble aim to evolve and exhalt the substance you are circulating to its most elevated state, its quintessence. During this time the liquid passes through many life, death and rebirth cycles as it ‘evolves’, further enhancing the effectiveness and efficacy of the elixir.

Dosage: This spagyric is highly concentrated and even one drop may first seem very intense. We recommend starting out with only a few drops at first and adding additional drops each day (not to exceed 11) as you allow it to integrate within you. We also recommend adding your drops to a sacred spring or well water when imbibing. Please work with this spagyric responsibly.

Our rose spagyric is sold in 10ml violet glass vials w/ tamper evident pipette dropper w/ bent ball tip. This violet glass is unique having biophotonic properties which protects products from the harmful effects of light which in turn increases shelf life, prevents evaporation and revitalizes their potency through the spectrum of the light. 

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Rose Calcination~


Rose Circulation

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5 reviews for Saturnian Rose Spagyric

  1. Kjersti (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase of this product. A potent and transformative ally when it calls to be worked with. 🙏

  2. Stephen (verified owner)

    I love spagerics and I adore the spirit and medicine of roses, particularly those from the PNW, and this captures the essence of the power of both to a tee. The preperation is a beautiful encapsulation of the flower, but with fascinating Saturnine twist – it isn’t severe by any means, but it’s also far from gentle, and the subtle depth, darkness, and mystery brought by the Saturn influence makes this incredibly interesting to work with. (It no doubt helps that I have a very Venus and Saturn chart, so this is exactly my kind of medicine in every way and thus I may be slightly biased, but still…) It’s like a delicate denizen of the Otherworld, all gossamer and shimmer, peaking from the mouth of a haunted cave, and as the Sub Rosa mysteries sound their deep hum with every dose my dreams have been particularly complex, odd, and revealing. An utterly stunning homage the sorcery of The Queen of Flowers, as the plant shines through the expert treatment from Catamara and Marcus. I couldn’t be more delighted…

  3. thomas k. (verified owner)

    very powerful ,will definitely open things up on the innerself ..highly recommended for those looking for self improvement

  4. Martha Scott (verified owner)

  5. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    So awesome, will be a regular from now on.

    • Catamara Rosarium (store manager)

      WE are glad to hear it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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