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Spring Mysteries ~Persephone

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An Artisan Floral Water that embodies the essence of the Spring Mysteries. The embodiment of Persephone emerging from the underworld as Cora, the daughter of Demeter the Harvest Goddess. Personified through the alchemical distillation of the Black Poplar Tree, one of Hekate’s Sacred Trees.

Application: Spray on body and in ritual space, to invoke Persephone and the Spring Mysteries unto you.

Orphic Hymn to Persephone

Persephone, blessed daughter
of great Zeus, sole offspring
of Demeter, come and accept
this gracious sacrifice.
Much honoured spouse of Plouton,
discreet and life-giving,
you command the gates of Hades
in the bowels of the earth,
lovely-tressed Praxidike,
pure bloom of Deo,
mother of the Erinyes,
queen of the nether world, secretly sired by Zeus
in clandestine union.
Mother of loud-roaring,
many-shaped Eubouleus,
radiant and luminous,
playmate of the Seasons,
revered and almighty,
maiden rich in fruits,
brilliant and horned,
only beloved of mortals,
in spring you take your joy
in the meadow of breezes,
you show your holy figure
in grasses teeming with grass-green fruits,
in autumn you were made
a kidnapper’s bride.
You alone are life and death
To toiling mortals,
O Persephone, you nourish all,
Always, and kill them, too.
Hearken, O blessed goddess,
send forth the fruits of the earth
(by Apostolos N. Athanassakis and Benjamin M. Wolkow – the Orphic Hymns)

Hydrosols are created from the steam distillation process while distilling essential oils. Each plant is ethically wildcrafted during auspicious planetary hours and days in accordance to each plants correspondences. Herbal waters have a long history of use in renaissance medicine and perfumery. We continue the tradition of spiritual use with herbal distillates and offer our waters to the cunning practitioner.

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3 reviews for Spring Mysteries ~Persephone

  1. Marilyn G. (verified owner)

    I love your products! Perfection!!

  2. Stacey (verified owner)

    Exotic, and divine

  3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

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