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St. Cyprian Ink

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THIS INK IS SOLD OUT AND MOSTLY LIKELY WILL NEVER BE MADE AGAIN! It was an amazing ink and we are sad there is no more but it is in the hands of hundreds, dare I say over a thousand practitioners! May it continue to serve those well. We shall see what lies in store for something similar but for now we have no plans to make it again~

Ink of St. Cyprian, patron saint of necromancers, witches and magicians.
Made from booked down black walnut, with maggots, Cyprians oil, myrrh, chard human bone, Bone Black, Rust, Oak Gall, Bound Elk Bone, Black tobacco, Lightning water is its base and much much more.

The sigil of the malevolent and benevolent daemon ruling the ink and their names are bound to the ink as well.

This is the ink of necromancers and workers of the chthonic realms.
This is Cyprians ink. The making of this ink was entirely guided by Cyprian for the writing in his black books, for the making of seals and sigils, and for all work requiring the dead and chthonic.

This item is limited and once it has sold out there will never be an ink of its kind.

Out of Stock - We most likely won't be making this again.

Email me when item is back in stock!

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Weight 1 oz

10 reviews for St. Cyprian Ink

  1. darragha (verified owner)

    Flows smoothly. Sigil work done. Intentions set. Let’s see how this ink can manifest…

  2. Carolyn Maas (verified owner)

    I am so thankful to Rosarium Blends for creating this absolutely one of a kind ink and offering it for sale.I know I would never be able to get all the ingredients that are in it. Beautiful packaging. Amazing bottle of ink. I have not used it yet, but I will be sure to use it with the utmost respect for what it is. I have no doubt as to what it can do. Glad I snagged a bottle. I should probably get another one. Thanks again, Rosarium Blends! Excellent work!

  3. Brittany (verified owner)

    The Saint Cyprian ink is awesome. The packaging and delivery were on time and in good condition. I will ad the Saint himself is very pleased with the product ?

  4. Stephen (verified owner)

    Very useful for sigils and other Craft work. I appreciate the care and attention that went into the packaging as well. Shipped quickly.

  5. John M Hansen (verified owner)

    Five stars –
    Very attractive package flows nicely from the pen. more liquid and less gritty than my former compound. I am pleased with it.

  6. John M Hansen (verified owner)

    Very attractive package flows nicely from the pen. more liquid and less gritty than my former compound. I am pleased with it.

  7. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Review for St. Cyprian Ink
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  8. Sage (verified owner)

  9. Carolyn Maas (verified owner)

    It took me 7 years to finally use the bottle of St. Cyprian ink that I bought in 2016 from Rosarium Blends. But when I did, wow! Since this will never or perhaps can never be made again, I decided to stock up with another bottle. This stuff is the bomb.

  10. Natalie (verified owner)

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