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Sub Rosa Hydrosol


Introducing our Limited ‘Sub Rosa’ Hydrosol Series
Two exquisite scents to seduce and mesmerize your senses! Sandal & Rose and simply Rosa Rugosa.
Locally & ethically wildcrafted Rosa Rugosa, Beach Rose.
Harvested during the 3 day New Moon Lunar cycle in Gemini and timing was purposely selected to be heavily influenced by Saturnian forces. Distilled the following day, in day and hour of Sol as the moon began her waxing journey with the water vapors of magical waters we collected from an artesian well.

Exert from “The Rose in Sensorium” by Catamara Rosarium in Verdant Gnosis Volume 1
“The rose is an ancient symbol of secrets and is associated with workings of the heart. In observing the rose, we witness this with her rich petal labyrinth architecture that seems to be concealing a secret deep within her inner core. In esotericism the rose is recurrently used to symbolize secrets of the heart or conditions that shall not be spoken, thus bestowed as an oath of silence. This apologue likely resulted from the term “sub rosa”, which means “under the rose”. The tradition of hanging red roses from the ceiling during meetings symbolized secrecy or confidentiality to the topics shared only with those in congregation. It was understood that anything shared “beneath the rose” pledged all present to secrecy. ”

Application: Keeping the above esoteric meaning in mind, may spray directly on body, use as an air freshener, or in a spiritual bath. Also safe to mist over face after cleansing to restore skin pH and quench pores prior to a daily moisturizer. Dilution is not required. Allow to air dry for maximum benefit.

Sold in 1 oz clear red/shaded glass bottle with mister top for application. The bottle is really pretty! definitely a keepsake.

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Weight 3 oz
Sub Rosa:

Sandal & Rose, Rosa Rugosa


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