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Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic


Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic:
Author: Dr. Stephen Skinner
Publisher: Golden Horde
Edition: Hardback
Pages: 388

Uncover the Techniques Used by Graeco-Egyptian Magicians
Egypt was once at the heart of magical practice, and the Graeco-Egyptian papyri are the clearest and most extensive documentation of some of these earliest methods. Using academic tools, Stephen Skinner has translated and presented the information contained in the papyri so that the magic will transcend theory and become a real practice.

More than simply a guide to the papyri, Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic is a complete survey and explanation of the techniques, including:

Attracting love, health, and foresight
Bowl and lamp skrying
Sending of dreams
Mystery rites for fellowship with the gods
And more!
Uncover the techniques once used by Graeco-Egyptian magicians to bring this powerful magic into your life.

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