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The Rosarium

(23 customer reviews)


You can lean into this perfume like an old book of alchemical lore. Crystal red perfume reaches like a velvet gloved hand to pull you back into time. Rich rose backed by voluminous aromatic secrets. Sweet balsams powder to the skin. Plush. Like a cradle of petals sitting in a sweetly scented storax tree with your heart inside.

After the fog of initial intoxication clears flowers begin to open on the skin, like stars slowly surfacing. There are dark notes hidden here, and they call, asking you to lean closer, to try to understand what type of magic this is. This is perfume to get lost in. Dries down the clear tones of a spring forest flowers, green and gentle, gradually give way into a last exhale of dry herbs and baby grass.

The Rosarium is elegant and unique. It has a rich rose top note, though the deepness of the storax makes it grounded and adds a spiciness to it. Its energies embody the alignment and transmutation of heart, mind & spirit. The Conjunction of will and fate. The complex Labyrinth of the heart ~The Great Work

Ingredients:  Damascus Rose Absolute & Black Storax~

** Please note Alembic bottles are not meant to be carried around in your pocket or purse. Best if stored on a flat surface.


About Rosarium Blend’s Natural Perfumes

Natural Perfumery is the arte of creating beautiful fragrances using only natural essences.  Rosarium Blends Natural perfumes are designed around the volatility of top, middle and base notes and evolve with the body chemistry of the person wearing them.   Each perfume is both aesthetically pleasing and has therapeutic benefits.  The duration of aromatic benefits on the skin lasts approximately 2 hours and the perfume ripens with age like a fine wine and will improve over time as the essences alchemicalize in the bottle.

Rosarium Blends Natural Perfumes are 100% natural and made with essential oils, concretes, absolutes and other natural materials. There are no synthetic counter parts or animal ingredients used in our perfumes. Like our essential oil blends they are linked to nature, alchemy and ritual.

Unlike our essential oil blends they are intended for use on the skin only.  They are made with a base of pure cane ethanol which is clean and fresh on your body.  They have more lift than our essential oil blends and a beautiful top note that will not overwhelm the wearer or broadcast themselves aggressively to those around you.

Each perfume is sold in a variation of 3 different types of bottles:
-4 ml clear glass spray atomizer w/ black top
-15ml (1/3 oz) clear-footed rectangular glass bottle w/ a twist on copper alembic lid. Size is 2″ H x 1.10″ W.
-30ml (1 oz) clear glass w/ wax seal and black mister top and lid (no longer available in silkscreen bottle). Size is 3.95″H x 1.76″W

Additional information

Weight 1.0 oz

23 reviews for The Rosarium

  1. Azar/Gail (verified owner)

    5 stars! This is my new favorite rose soliflore. The Rosarium bulgarian rose is rich and warm evolving seem-lessly into the dark balsam/storax. Thank you for this magical scent, Catamara! The little Alembic bottle will soon be empty.

  2. Kari

    This smells AMAZING

  3. Kari

    AMAZING smell

  4. Miles (verified owner)

    Truly wonderful and mysterious scent. I get lost in it every time i spray it on. And because of its power and mystery, I use it only when I feel the need. Wouldn’t mind smelling like this all the time though!

  5. hermitsocial (verified owner)

    This is an evocatively amazing scent. It’s strong, yet soft. Worth every penny for the silkscreen spray bottle. Very high quality product.

  6. Dani (verified owner)

    I have only had the pleasure of using this perfume twice, but what a sensory adventure they were. It was amazing during those islands of AHA, what is this? An absolute joy from start to finish, and I look forward to having a nice slooow experience with this and one other person :-). Catamara, you did well Thank You, Dani P.S. I will review the Satyr, but that one is being reserved for a special moment.

  7. Anna

    This natural perfume is a direct connection with Rose and her mysteries. It harmonizes with my bodies chemistry and creates a unique scent that stays with me all day. It’s beautiful and one of my favorites.

  8. Ansata

    This is an ingenious blend!! Wow intoxicating!

  9. Sunny (verified owner)

    It smells amazing and makes me feel very empowered and sensual!

  10. Gabrielle Swain (verified owner)

    Not enough words to describe how beautiful the fragrance is. Plus, the packaging is excellent. Great attention to every detail from scent to bottling.

  11. lucy

    I don’t know what word I could use to pay homage to this fragrance. It’s between a summer walk in a sweet and peaceful rose garden and a time spend in the depths of a mysterious night, surrounded by ghosts whispering.
    It is very potent for every kind of magic or non magic work.
    It is Seductive and Addictive.

    Someone earlier said “I get lost in it every time i spray it on”
    5 stars.

  12. Lydia Pagett (verified owner)

    This smells absolutely amazing. Need more!!

  13. Enneirda Dryadrie (verified owner)

    Your offerings are most difficult to pass along when bought as gifts, my friend loved her incense so much I know she will adore the perfume just as much this yule. Thank you!

  14. Sage (verified owner)

  15. Maria Manahan (verified owner)

    A favorite~ I truly appreciate your commitment to making these powerful blends in time honored ways. You achieve alchemical perfection.

  16. Phoebe (verified owner)

  17. Isaac Vars (verified owner)

    This is not Grammy’s down-the-road-pharmacy rose perfume. This lovely marriage of rose and storax is sensuous and mysterious. The notes of this perfume shift and change from the moment you spray it until it begins to fade hours down the road. It is always a joy to catch its scent. This perfume is perfect.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    magical, mysterious, intoxicating.

  19. Leanne (verified owner)


  20. Susan (verified owner)

    Her Heart is The Rosarium.

  21. Jared T. (verified owner)

    It’s a heady aroma, to be sure. It has presence, but it isn’t overpowering. Commanding but mysterious. It’s easy to get lost in.

  22. Dani (verified owner)

    The Rosarium is a pleasure to explore, on many levels. My last order of this deeply appreciated perfume has finally been reduced to its last drop. My favorite, although others have their place due to personal intent. Fortunately I had a preview of quality, by way of speaking to Catamara at Seattle’s EBC. Thank you for such carefully crafted works.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

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