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Violet Flower Spagyric

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Viola Oderata – Violet Flower spagyric~

The violet is a special flower to those of us who follow the natural rhythms and cycles of life. As the wheel turns, she is amongst the first of flowers poking her head up from beneath the ground, oftentimes awaking after a long frost or a bed of snow has melted. Signifying and symbolizing the rebirth and renewal that comes with Spring and the return of the Sun as the days begin to wax growing longer and warmer, breath by breath, day by day. Those who dare pay attention, take heed of her sweet heart shaped leaves and intoxicating scent, following the signs where they bloom portend passages to the underworld and gateways to the fae folk. A flower that signals change, transition and transformation for those who are willing to revel in her esoteric mysteries. Violet catches the eye of those who are meant to see her as oftentimes you will pass her by if walking along in complacency.

Folklore, myth and magical tales inform of violet being worked with magically and medicinally using the doctrine of signatures to heal heart disease, mend broken hearts, relieve the sorrow of love and as a popular ingredient found in love potions. Medicinally she is often found in cold and flu formulas that include hot and dry symptoms like fever and a dry cough. She is also found in beauty products to increase a woman’s beauty and charm, and in aphrodisiacs to allure another to you in admiration and love. Her scent is extracted and used in perfumery, candied, and steeped in wine for pleasure and medicaments. In ancient Greece they were consumed believing they mitigate anger, strengthen the heart and invite a deep relaxing sleep. Violets are believed to be a good sacrament and gateway to the oneiric realms for dreaming and prophecy. There are numerous poems and songs written about sweet violet, as she is also widely known as an emblem of love, constancy and faithfulness.

Ruled by Venus the petals were harvested upon the Full Moon in Virgo, Friday, February 26th, 2021. Alchemical processes performed from that moment,  to completion on the first harvest Lammastide 2021. Special care was considered in selecting the specific timing for each one of the alchemical processes involved including the hour, day, months and lunar cycles.

Keeping the aforementioned in mind when electing how you specifically will work with this evolved spagyric magically.

Dosage: This spagyric is highly concentrated and we recommend starting out with only a few drops at first and adding additional drops each day  to allow it to integrate within you. We also recommend adding your drops to a sacred spring or well water when imbibing. Please work with this spagyric responsibly.

Our violet spagyric is sold in 10ml violet glass vials w/ tamper evident pipette dropper w/ bent ball tip. This violet glass is unique having biophotonic properties which protects products from the harmful effects of light which in turn increases shelf life, prevents evaporation and revitalizes their potency through the spectrum of the light.

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5 reviews for Violet Flower Spagyric

  1. Susan (verified owner)

    Intense & Earthy. Obviously a Labor of Love & Commitment 🌱💜

  2. Stephen (verified owner)

    Amazing! The bottle hums, with just a few days of use I’m beginning to get a sense of the plant and what it has to teach, and I’m seeing subtle shifts in my emotions. Intriguing plant in a stunningly beautiful preperation…

  3. Tegan (verified owner)

    I have found the spirit of this formula a gentle but powerful ally in healing the trauma of the heart with continued conscious use. It is very special and I am grateful for the care put into its making.

  4. Rachel M. (verified owner)

    Not only delicious but quite potent! I was soo pleased with her Saturnian Rose spagyric which yielded wonderful results over the last few years of path work that when she released the Viola I couldn’t wait to try it. I am not disappointed and look forward to uncovering more with this lovely bloom’s help as I unravel the web of my childhood trauma.

  5. Martha Scott (verified owner)

    This violet spagyric is the most potent that I have ever tried. First dose and I’m blown away. Brava, brava

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