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Viridis Genii Series 6, Vol 1


SERIES 6  Genii: Explorations of the Green Arte ~ Vol 1
Edited by Catamara Rosarium, Marcus McCoy & Kim Schwenk MLIS
Publisher: Viridis Press
Pages: 206
Illustrations: by Casandra Johns

Selections from the 6th Viridis Genii Symposium 2021
Within this volume you will find a rich selection of articles written by International Adepts and their voice sharing wisdom on plant magic, medicine and mysticism.

With contributions by leading authorities Paul Beyerl, Brandon Weston, Professor Charles Porterfield, Richard Spelker, Giulia Turolla,  Brita Wynn Dinsmore, Robert Allen Bartlett, and Jesse Hathaway Diaz. Featuring articles on the subjects of Ethnobotanical research, Ozark Medicine, Hoodoo Dusts and Powders, Magical Grimoire Inks, Italian Folk Magic, Shamanism, Plant Alchemy and Herbal lore of la Santisima Muerte

Table of Contents
Catamara Rosarium & Marcus McCoy, 5

Kim Schwenk, MLIS, 9

The World of Herbal Magick
A Meta-Analysis of Twentieth-Century Ethnobotanical Research
Paul Beyerl, 11

Cleanin’ the Blood
Ritual Emetics and Purgatives in Ozark Folk Healing
Brandon Weston, 31

Goofer Dust
The History, Substance, and Use of the ‘Killing Powder’ of Southern Conjure
Professor Charles Porterfield, 51

The Making of Magical Inks
Richard Spelker, 69

Two Sticks And A Gold Ring: The use of plants in Northern Italy folk magic
Giulia Turolla, 97

The Garden of Death: An Herbal Lore of la Santisima Muerte
Jesse Hathaway Diaz, 127

Western Cultural Denial of Plant Sentience and How Shamanic Cultures Interact with Plant Consciousness
Brita Wynn-Dinsmore, 161

On The Quintessence of Herbs and Methods to Obtain it
Robert Allen Bartlett, 179

Contributors, 195
List of Figures and Art

Casandra Johns, Santa Meurta Loteria, 126
Johann Daniel Mylius, Philosophia Reformata 162, Emblem 9, Putrefacteo, 187






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