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Viridis Genii Series 8, Vol 3


Select titles from the featured presenters at the 8th Annual Viridis Genii Symposium, an Herbal conference focusing on Esoteric and Occult Herbalism and the Ethnobotony of Plant Magic.

Within this volume you will find a rich selection of articles written by International Adepts and their voices sharing wisdom on plant magic, medicine and mysticism. With contributions by leading authorities Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Jennifer Gerrity & David Bacco, Corinne Boyer, Katarina Pejovic, Kim Schwenk, Phoebe Hildegard Finch, Rebecca Beyer, Sara Bonadea George and Sean Croke.

Featuring articles on the subjects of Ethnobotanical research, Stellar Magic and Herbal Metrices, Plants, Dark Powers, and the Devil, Occult & Alchemical Significance of The Grape, Traditions of Herbal Magic with Saints in the Serbian Orthodox Folk Context, The Ontology of Paper, The Fantastical on Von Bingen, Herbal Magic to Cure Elf Shot, Spirits in Swedish Plant Folklore​ and The Medicinal Qualities of the Mother of Poison: Magical Uses of Tobacco.

The Viridis Genii is the green spirit, the intelligence and life-force that is both hidden and revealed. It is the animating force of the wild wood and the depths of the sea. It shrouds us, it engulfs us with its veiled green mist that awakens the heartbeat that delivers fecundity to the earth, the very essence of life. It is the Green Gnosis one receives from their deep connection and communion with the genus loci.

Preface by Catamara Rosarium & Marcus McCoy, 3
Mission Statement by Catamara Rosarium & Marcus McCoy, 5
Introduction by Kim Schwenk, MLIS, 7
Green Blood and the Light Reflected Herbal Metrics, Correspondences, & the Fixed Stars by Jesse Hathaway Diaz, 11
Plants, Dark Powers, and the Devil by Corinne Boyer, 49
The Occult and Alchemical Signatures of the Grape Vitis Vinifera by Jennifer Gerrity & David Bacco, 61
Invisible Missiles The Herbs of Elfshot and Witchballs by Rebecca Beyer, 79
The Martyr and His Cross Dual Veneration of Saints and Trees in the Serbian Orthodox Folk Context by Katarina Pejović, 95
The Medicinal Qualities of the Mother of Poisons: Magical Uses of Tobacco by Sean Croke, 115
Untimely Ripped: The Ontology of Paper by Kim Schwenk, 133
The Mezerion: A Poison Plant in the Lore of Old Sweden Mezerion in the Nordic Landscape, 157
From Carbuncles to Unicorns: On the “Fanstastical” in Von Bingen by Phoebe Hildegard Finch, 169
Contributors, 187
List of Figures and Art
Witchball, illustration by Rebecca Beyer, 90

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