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Wicker Man Pendant


Rosarium Blends is excited to bring to you a limited run of these bronze wicker man pendants. If you look closely you will see it has a tiny sacrifice inside!!

The Wicker Man is purportedly an ancient Celtic religious object or effigy. The Celts would build a huge image of a man out of wicker, fill it with sacrifices, sometimes animal, sometimes human, and set it on fire as an offering. This effigy has been popularized over time and is a well known cult classic where we still see large human effigies built and filled with offerings and burned in modern pagan ceremonies.

About: Solid bronze pendant with adjustable black silk cord.
Dimensions: Pendant height: 1 7/8 Inches; Pendant width: 5/8 Inches
Artist: Original Design and production by Robert Spickard of Dragon’s Treasure in Fresno, CA.

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Weight 8 oz


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