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Witch Moon Oil

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A new batch of Witch Moon Oil and ritual incense was witchcrafted over the course of the 2019 Witching Moons (Full Moon in October and completed Full Moon in November).

These charms contain the powerful essences of Lunar sensuality, open psychic sensors and invoke the mysteries of the primal witchmother found deep within the wilds of the woods under the light of the moon. Use for aligning oneself with the Witch Mother, opening psychic pathways to access clairvoyance and magic. May be worked with to connect ritually to the moon and/or witchmother during any lunar phase.

Burn incense on charcoal in ritual or meditation, to dress candles or as a materia magica in a mojo or magical pouch or bag.

Oil blend may be worn on skin, clothing, to load candles and dress magical items.

Ingredients: Camphor, Frankincense, Wormwood, Jasmine, Mugwort, Willow, & Sandalwood.

Sizes: 1ml sample, 5 ml roll on or euro dropper (roll on ball w/ cap off shown below main image)


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1ml sample, 5ml euro dropper, 5 ml glass roll-on

1 review for Witch Moon Oil

  1. stacidevlin@hotmail.com

    This magickal oil smells so incredibly good, it’s intoxicating. Wearing it during the full moon definitely intensifies my inner connection to Goddess and the universe and makes it more powerful. I love it!

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