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Witch Moon Ritual Oil

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This charm of the Witch Mother contains the powerful essence of Lunar sensuality, opens psychic sensors and invokes within the practitioner the mysteries of the primal Witch Mother found deep within the wilds of the woods under the light of the moon. Use for aligning oneself with the Witch Mother, opening psychic pathways to access clairvoyance and magic. May be worked with to connect ritually to the moon and/or Witch Mother during any lunar phase.

Oil blend may be worn on skin, clothing, to load candles and dress magical items.

Ingredients: Camphor, Frankincense, Wormwood, Jasmine, Mugwort, Willow, & Sandalwood.

Sizes: 1ml sample, 5 ml roll on or euro dropper (roll on ball w/ cap off shown below main image)

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1ml sample, 5ml euro dropper, 5 ml glass roll-on, 10ml euro, 10ml roll on

8 reviews for Witch Moon Ritual Oil

  1. stacidevlin@hotmail.com

    This magickal oil smells so incredibly good, it’s intoxicating. Wearing it during the full moon definitely intensifies my inner connection to Goddess and the universe and makes it more powerful. I love it!

  2. Maria (verified owner)

    Ooooh, lovely and intoxicating! This is a powerful blend that makes for lucid dreaming and for exploring many other enchanting realms.

  3. Autumn M. (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    new scent for me-love this too, thank you Rosarium

  5. Carolyn (verified owner)

  6. Carolyn Maas (verified owner)

    Rosarium Blends always ships out very quickly. And this Witches Moon oil is fantastic. I love everything about it. Every oil I have ever bought from here is special. The scent, the quality is above other oils I have purchased at other places. It’s totally worth the extra cost to get the biggest bottle. I love this shop and the beautiful soul that runs it!! Five stars! I’ll be back!!!

  7. Salvatore I. (verified owner)

  8. Melanie Richardson (verified owner)

    I have used this before and have both the oil and incense, the fragrance puts me in the right head space 💕

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