Yule Mystery Stocking


This item will be released December 12, 2020.
Greetings! Last year our Yule Mystery Stockings were such a hit we decided to offer them again only with a few extra twists and incentives!
🎄You will receive a stocking full of witchy surprises, some made by Rosarium Blends along w/ other related accoutrements.
🎄 In addition, each stocking will include a limited item from Rosarium Blends that will only be available through the purchase of this stocking!
🎄To add a twist of extra fun and incentive to this years offering, we decided that for every 25 stockings sold (up to 100), we will randomly select one stocking and will add the following items to it, IN ADDITION TO the already awesome goodies you will receive!!
☆$100 gift certificate to Rosarium Blends
☆A vial of our new Three Kings Oil Blend
☆A surprise from Troll Cunning Forge
So if we sell 100 stockings, the above items will be added to 4 stockings!!! Will you be lucky one who the receives the BONUS Yule Mystery Stocking? Let’s find out!
**Please note: All stockings will be shipped no later than December 14th, 2020 to ensure arrival by Yule/Winter Solstice.
*Stocking shown in ads is not the actual stocking you will receive.

No longer available for pre-ordering

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Weight 16 oz


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