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Katlyn Breene of Mermade Magickal Arts…

In a world a wash with  new age metaphysical junk, every once and a while you connect with someone who is a sincere practitioner, creating alchemy for the soul.. For those wanting to explore  inner realms of will and consciousness through ceremony, I would recommend the work of Catamara of Rosarium Blends.

Rosarium’s incense blends are all natural and very traditional. She utilizes with great intuition the botanicals that have come to represent and call to the archetypal , the ancient elements of folklore, alchemy and magick.

These are not blends for the seeker of the cosmetic, but the cosmic. Several contain some rather shamanic plants and should used with care and intent. That is what brings them their mystery, they are not created for the everyday but for sacred work and exploration.

I feel I can comment on these blends for I have strived to be a “magickal alchemist” for over 30 years. I can recognize the careful study and  intent that has gone into these incense and oils.

These are not  what you find in just any occult book store. These are what you find at the midwife’s cottage at the edge of the wood, or in the chamber of the Alchemist’s soror.

Even the packaging has an old world feeling to it, simple parchment with symbols of alchemy , the rose and heart.

The rose is a key symbol in alchemical traditions. I became aware of Rosarium through friends at the International Alchemy Conference last year.

From The Alchemy Guild –  on Roses, an amazing storehouse of all things Alchemical. ]

Be aware that these blends are not regular perfumes or  incense, but formulas crafted for the mystic, by a mystic to bring effect. Yet even so the scents are lovely and very well blended. She utilizes a lot of resin/Incense notes that are smooth, with depth,  and have a classic  antique sensibility. The blends are based on traditional correspondences and formulas, with the guidance and subtlety of her intuition.

Here are a couple of my favorite Rosarium Oil blends :

  • HEKATE: Black Storax, Wormwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Willow
  • DIVINATION: Sandalwood, Yarrow, Juniper, Bay, Mastic
  • HERMAPHRODITE: Benzoin, Anise Seed, Myrtle, Vervain

When first receiving Catamara’s work for review so many positive and strange synchronistic events occurred that knew I needed to pay attention, that I should write this and support her work.

I hope that folks will explore Rosarium’s world of magick.

Magical Recipes Online…

Ancient Formula Review: “Phoenix” of Rosarium Blends

I was walking down the crowded streets of London with my fellow witches and we visited a store with occult supplies. While browsing the books in magic section, I accidentally saw a bunch of fancy bottles standing on the corner. When I picked up the books I wanted to buy I said to my friends “hey let’s check this out a bit”. A stand with oil recipes, hoodoo oils and herbal blends from different companies.

There was something there that took me by surprise.I saw the word “Phoenix” on a herbal blend. I didnt know that there was one devoted to the Spirit of Fire. I picked it up and read “Firebird of rebirth and awakening-rising from the ashes. Fiery rebirth of true will !” and right above this it’s ingredients… “Myrrh, cinnamon, spikenard”… at first I though, there must be really bold to write down the ingredients” but on the other hand, they know what they are doing, these three ingredients are said by Ovid and other scholars to be used by the Phoenix, in order to burn himself and resurrect …In this it collects cinnamon, and spikenard, and myrrh, and of these materials builds a pile…! Ovid stated.

I bought it to give it a try and yes, my instincts were right. The special blend of “Rosarium Blends” dedicated to the firebird Phoenix is so pleasant, that even when we just opened the bottle to taste the smell of the herbs we were mesmerized.

I soon tried it of course in a summoning ritual of the Phoenix, the Bennu bird. (I’ll post soon a detailed ritual to summon the Firebird, to call upon his powers or Rejuvenation). I lighted up the candles the charcoal and put a generous amount of the incense to the fire. The odoriferous smoke filled my altar, filled my room with fire with true will, with confidence, I felt the presence of the firebird, my wish was stated and after a while my ritual was over.  What was not over, was the magnificent odor left in my room and the feeling that I’m renewed and powerful again, reminding me of my ritual and my will. 

The quality of this blend is unprecedented! 

Of course since then I use this excellent blend not only to summon the Phoenix but when I need a “ressurection” of my powers and my will.

Use this blend to: * Resurrect your powers * Empower your will * Empower your magic * Summon Bennu the Phoenix * Cleanse your altar

This product, Rosarium Blends’ Phoenix, is so great that I’m really thankful we took that turn in London and ended up to this store. You should definitely try it! 

http://rosariumblends.com/ visit this site and browse. More reviews are coming. Stay tuned.


Magical Recipes Online…

Ancient Formula Review: “Divination”herbal blend of Rosarium Blends

Emotionally stressed and physically exhausted I learned some news concerning my business life and I wanted to find out what was going to happen. I had to do it and the best way was for me to scry on my Black Mirror (we will get to that later ). I just felt I was so incapable of conducting the divination ritual. I felt like my powers have abandoned me.

Then I remembered. This might help.

Powered by my previous experience with the Phoenix blend of Rosarium Blends and feeling lucky cause I just thought of it, I stood up and fired up a charcoal. What kind of alchemist am I if I just cannot transmute my bad mood into a productive attitude! 

I searched and found my jar of Divination herbal blend by Rosarium Blends. I had bought it exactly for this kind of situations. And this was the best time to try it! 

The smoke of the burning divination blend with precious ingredients like Sandalwood,Yarrow, Uva Ursi, Juniper, Bay, Mastic and Wild Lettuce filled the room and the smell of the herbs relaxed me. This was a great start. After all relaxing is the key to open the gates of the Unseen. 

My “Sight” was fixed on the Black Mirror and after a while the future begun to unfold. My self-confidence bursted and my will overcome my  fatigue. I was so excited that I even decided to scry with my Tarot deck afterwards and look for another sign.

But this was not finished. After a while I had a bath and I went to sleep straight away. My dreams were vivid and powerful and I understood that even the smell of the herb faded the power which was unleashed did not!

I definitely recommend the Divination blend of Rosarium Blends for daily use if you want to enhance your prophetic abilities through prophetic dreams.Burn some of this incense in your room right before you go to sleep and meditate a bit. 

Use this blend: * While Scrying * When you are using the Tarot * For prophetic dreams * To develop your “Sight”

The blend is suitable for both Beginners in the art of Divination and masters as well because we all need a boost in our confidence every once in a while.

Magical Recipes Online…

Magical Perfume Review: “Manifestation”of Rosarium Blends

You already know it. We really really LOVE Rosarium blends. We find both the creator (click here to read her interview) and the philosophy behind each and every product absolutely fascinating for two main reasons.

1st of all these guys are perfectionists. Every little detail in their products has a very good reason to exist. Their ingredients are premium quality. Even the day and hour of preparation is predicted according to ancient alchemical wisdom. 

2nd of all. We find their products really effective! Should we need something more?

Rosarium Blends launched recently a new unisex series of Alchemical Perfumes. Many wonderful things there. We’ll get to that in a later post. But first things first. 

Manifestation Perfume *Rosarium Blends

We chose to review Manifestation at start because we had a really, really interesting experience with it. As you already know the core of Magical Recipes Online is consisted by a Mage, a Witch and an Alchemist. One day we met together to discuss some issues of our Free Online Magazine and more. We were all filled with thoughts, dreams and some anxiety too. Then after a while, he accidentally spilled some of the Manifestation Perfume on the floor.

And then it happened. Whatever was going on in our heads started to come out of it… and manifest. The veil between the spiritual and the physical plane was torn. For at least 24 hours we had vivid dreams and saw what was happening in the spiritual plane through our bodies. The spiritual forces have been materialized, so did our spells.

This is why the Manifestation Perfume should be used cautiously: * to catalyze your spells and see better and faster results * when you have trouble to observe and interact with the Spiritual Plane * to see what is going on in other Planes

Before using Manifestation Perfume be sure you’ve dealt with negative influences by uncrossing, spell-breaking, purification or even exorcism if needed. Manifestation Perfume is a powerful too and as all other powerful tools should be used wisely. You will love this mysterious sweet aroma.

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